Multibank Aggregation

Keep all your financial data of all your banks at your fingertips

We enable the aggregation of your financial data from all financial institutes worldwide with electronic interfaces or PDF files. Your existing system can be used to gain the overview.

Reach a higher cost efficiency and excellent data quality through automation

Our automated data load guarantees an immediate import into the system. That way you always work with the current data and do not have to wait for the manual loading. Furthermore the automation guarantees exact data in the system.

Keep your confidential data in your hands

Our solution Business Integrator runs on your existing infrastructure. The data remains always under your control and can only be accessed by people authorised by you.

Reach a high level of coverage with many custodians

With our large range of 25 custodians (incl. UBS, Credit Suisse) we cover many financial institutes. Further custodians are added upon client request. Business Integrator scales well with large data volumes as well as many custodians.

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